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  1. Laboratory analytical resources available for determining major, minor, trace, and ultra-trace cation concentrations in a variety of sample types - both liquids and solids

  2. Sample preparation and project considerations for solution and laser ablation analytical modes

  3. Educational courses for learning ICP-MS/LA-ICP-MS fundamentals and applications

  4. Sample information forms for submitting samples

  5. Research the laboratory supports and related publications

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Please contact the lab in advance if you are interested in analytical services and before submitting any samples

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Given adequate precision, the better the sensitivity, the better the detectability
    -Morrison & Skogerboe

Utility of ICP-MS and LA-ICP-MS

Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) is mainly used for rapid, precise  and accurate trace (<1000 ppm) element determinations in liquid and solid samples, but other applications include isotopic determinations and speciation studies.

The power of modern ICP-MS resides in its ability to rapidly measure trace elements at very low detection limits (to sub parts per trillion levels) as well as minor and major elements (at parts per million levels) in the same analytical run on suitably diluted samples.

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Large format laser cell & High-Energy Optical attenuator

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