Damn-it Jim!  This was a hell of a band.  John Sprott, the best guitarist and most entertaining front man with a bag full of one liners and the wit of Jackie Mason's best Las Vegas banter, the very deep, sophisticated driving force of Johnny Ray on drums, the melancholy debonair heart throb Bob on Sax and the ever loving M-C-Onion on bass!  The group started when John, Johnny and I started working on a surf band.  We had about a set of music and we started rehearsing at the Main Street Saloon in the afternoon.  One evening, I believe "Smokin' Al" RIP, had an acoustic gig and saw us set up and freaked leaving the club thinking he had been bumped.  Truth was we were just late tearing down from our afternoon rehearsal.  The club manager told us we had to play the entire night, so we started with our set of surf songs, but soon ran out of material.  We decided as a group to play classic rock that we all knew and would put those songs to either a polka, waltz, ska, or thrash beat.  It worked, we looked around and realized we had 50 fans and they were starting to help us with our shows.  Our last gig was 9-9-1999, the famous End-of-the-World Party in Lubbock.  We hope to play again someday!      

The Last Gig


Its been a fun
ride so far!


Funky Fire
Secret Polka Band / Old Time Rock & Roll
I Feel Good (JB)
Band Members
John - Vocals, Guitar
Bob - Vocals, Sax
Denzil - Vocals, Bass
Johnny - Drums