University of Texas, Department of Classics, Advising Checkist

1. Do you have all your various general requirements accounted for?

2. Are you on track regarding your ancient language requirements?

3. Are other requirements for your major accounted for?

4. Have you considered a second major? Or a concentration?  
If you are seeking a dual degree (BS and BA), keep in mind the guidelines at

5. Are you thinking of teaching Latin in a primary or secondary school?
If so, consult How to Become a Latin Teacher (

6. Are you thinking of going to graduate school in classics?  
If so, consult:
Thinking of Graduate School in Classics? (
or Thinking of Graduate School in Classical Archaeology? (, and consider a Pre-Graduate School Internship (

7. Are you thinking of a career in the business world?  
If so, consider the Business Foundations Program (

8. Have you decided where and when you will study abroad (see the Classics Department's Study Abroad Web Page:

9. Have you investigated any scholarships for which you might be eligible (see Scholarships for Classicists:

10. Have you considered writing an honors thesis?
If so, consider taking LAH 112H (The Nature of Inquiry).

11. Have you considered joining Eta Sigma Phi (the Classics honorary society: for information contact Kelly McClinton: mcclinton.k[at]

12. Have you thought about a Research Apprenticeship (an independent study assisting a faculty member with her/his research: see the Undergraduate Advisor for details, or see

13. Have you thought about your summer plans (see Summer Opportunities for Classicists:

See also Opportunities for Classic Majors (

Most of these documents can be found on the Resource Page of the Department of Classics Web site:  Scroll down to "Important Considerations for UT Classics and Archaeology Students."

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