Summer Opportunities for Classics Students

I. Employment opportunities
Johns Hopkins Center For Talented Youth
The Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth's summer programs provide intensive course work in the liberal arts to talented pre-collegiate students ages 12 to 16.  Classics courses include Latin I, Beginning Ancient Greek, and Etymologies.  Advanced undergraduates are encouraged to apply.

Teach for America Summer Institute
Teach For America is seeking to hire undergraduates for an outstanding, paid summer internship as an Operations Coordinator.  Operations coordinators play an integral role in the daily operations at institute. Operations coordinators are guaranteed a salary of $2,500—$3,000 and lodging and food will be provided by Teach For America. Application deadline for Summer 2010 is January 24th.  Please contact with any questions.

Summer Research Opportunities Program at the University of Michigan

The University of Michigan Summer Research Opportunity Program (SROP) offers outstanding undergraduates underrepresented in their field of study the opportunity to conduct intensive research across a variety of disciplines. The goal is to prepare students for advanced studies in a Ph.D. program.

Summer courses here at UT

III. Summer Courses Elsewhere in the US: For a More Complete List, see Debra Hamel's Summer Courses in the Classics

Austin Community College
Austin Community Colleges offers the first and second semester of Latin in the summer.  For information call the ACC Department of Foreign Languages at 512-223-3351.

Classical Association of New England Summer Institute
A week-long series of lectures and short courses.

Colorado College Summer Latin Institute
3-week courses in Latin at variou levels

Conventiculum Dickinsoniense.  A new total immersion Latin seminar, July 5-10.  For information contact Professor Terence Tunberg:

Dickinson College, Summer 2010 Latin Workshop (Carlisle, PA): July 11 through July 16.  Text to be studied will be De Orbe Novo by Peter Martyr of Angleria.  Applications due by May 1, 2010.  For further information contact

Erasmus Academy
Online intensive courses in Greek, Latin, French, and German

The Latin/Greek Institute at the City University of New York
Intensive Beginning and Advanced Greek and Latin

Conventiculum Latinum Vasintoniense
Ten days of oral Latin in the mountains of Washington State.

Ohio State University

Rusticatio Virginiana
Oral Latin Workshop, July 18-24, 2010

IV. Summer Courses Abroad
A. Archaeological Fieldwork
1. Programs run by UT Faculty
Institute for the Study of Antiquity and Christian Origins
Excavations at a Jewish Synagogue in Ostia, near Roma

Institute of Classical Archaeology
Excavations and conservation at Metaponto, Italy and Chersonesos, Ikraine

Anthropology Department excavations in Portugal
Excavations outside of Vila do Conde, Portugal, including Roman remains

2. Other
The American Institute for Roman Culture

Excavations at the Villa delle Vignacce, an imperial villa on the outskirts of Rome.

The Gabii Project
Excavations run by the University of Michigan at Gabii, near Rome (will not offer academic credit this year).

Butrint Training School
Excavations at a Roman site in Albania.

Archaeological Field School in Genzano di Roma, Italy
Excavations at a Roman Villa outside Rome.  Credit through Montclair State University, New Jersey.

"City, Country, Borders," an itinerant field school in Rome, Greece and
at Hadrian’s Wall, June 8 through July 13, 2010, led by Professors Don Lavigne and Christopher Witmore
of Texas Tech University in association with Professor Corby Kelly of
Macalester College.  For information contact Christopher Whitmore:

UCLA Archaeology Field Program
Includes programs in Greece and Egypt, and at a Roman-era site in Romania.

Drew in Umbria
Excavation of a Roman town about 1 1/2 hours from Rome through Drew University.

The Iklaina Archaeological Project
Excavation at a Bronze Age Site in the area of Messenia, Greece run by the University of Missouri at St. Louis. Staff includes UT Professor Emerita Cynthia Shelmerdine, and numerous UT students have participated in the project during the last years.

San Gemini Preservation Studies
Courses in Ceramic Restoration and Building Restoration in San Gemini, Italy.  Students will have the opportunity to work on archaeological artifacts from the excavation at the Roman Baths of Carsulae.

Excavations at Carsulae.  
Excavations at the Public Baths of the ancient city of Carsulae. The Umbrian city, founded along the via Flaminia in the late third century BCE, is located near the town of San Gemini. This area has been associated with healing waters since pre-Roman times. Work includes: field excavation, documentation of the site and of the archaeological artifacts collected. The excavation is a project of Valdosta State University with the collaboration of the San Gemini Preservation Studies

B. Other Summer Courses Abroad
1. Programs affiliated with UT-Austin
College Year in Athens (CYA)
Courses in Modern Greek, Greek Archaeology and Civilization, Modern Greece, and Early Christianity.

Accademia Italiana in Rome (administered by Arcadia University): Includes a course in Roman Archaeological Sites, as well as courses in Italian.

IES Rome Summer Program: Includes courses in Ancient History and Art as well as Italian

2. Other programs
American Academy in Rome Classical Summer School
Six-week intensive study of history and archaeology in Rome and its environs: highly recommended

American School of Classical Studies at Athens Summer Sessions
Six-Week intensive study of history and archaeology in Greece: highly recommended

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Scholarships available for a course in Intensive Modern Greek in August

Baylor in Italy
A four-week course on the art, archaeology and literature of ancient Rome taught in Rome and the Bay of Naples.

Summer School in Latin, University of Bologna
3-week course (taught in English) in beginning or intermediate Latin, taught in Bologna, Italy.

The University of Georgia Classics in Rome
Five to Six weeks of summer courses in Roman history, art, literature, archaeology, and Latin.

Greek Palaeography Summer School at Oxford
A one-week intensive course in Greek palaeography.

The University of South Dakota Isles of Greece
A two-week interdisciplinary course on the Aegean taught while sailing.

Vergilian Society Tours

Three-week tours of various parts of Italy, and sometimes elsewhere in Europe and the Mediterranean world, arranged around Roman themes.

Harvard Summer Program in Olympia and Nafplio, Greece

C. Additional resources on Summer Courses Abroad
Archaeological Institute of America
Lists opportunities for archaelogical fieldwork.

A magazine on Greece.  Click on "education," and there is a list of study abroad programs in Greece

UT Study Abroad Office

UT-Austin Department of Classics Study Abroad Web site

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