EndNote Output Styles

Finding Output Styles

The EndNote Styles collection contains more than 3000 bibliographic styles for a variety of disciplines.

> You can search for styles by going to Edit > Output styles > Open Style Manager

What Should I Do if My Style Is Not Included?

First see if the output style is available for download from the Endnote website at: www.endnote.com/support/enstyles.asp

> If you find the journal style you need, download the file and save to the desktop
> For windows: left click on the Start menu, click Explore, go to Program Files, click on Endnote, click on the Styles folder.
> Drag and drop the output style file from your desktop to the folder

If you can not find the output style you need from the Endnote website you can alter an existing style to conform to you needs.

1. From the Edit menu, choose Output Styles and select Open Style Manager.

screenshot: open style manager

2. In the Style Manager, change the setting in the information panel (on the right hand side) from Style Info to Style Preview. The preview of the selected style should now be displayed.

screen shot: style preview

3. Scroll through the list of available styles to see if you can find one that is similar to what you need.

4. Once you have found a similar style, select it, and click the Edit button. The Style window opens.

5. Choose Save As from the File menu, give this copy of the style a new name that corresponds to the name of the journal you want to use it for, and click Save. This will also keep the original style unchanged, in the event that you need to use it later.

6. The new Style window remains open for you to edit it as you need. For more information try the following website: Bibliographic Styles - Deakin University

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