Roberton (Rob) C. Williams III
Associate Professor (with tenure)
Department of Economics
University of Texas at Austin


Teaching and Advising

My research focuses on the effects of taxes and environmental policy.  It is mostly applied theory, with some empirical and computational work.  I have a definite preference for normative topics (for non-economists, this means that I'm more interested in what government policy ought to be than in what its effects are, though obviously one needs to know the answer to that second question in order to answer the first).

Copies of my published papers

Copies of my working papers

I am a research associate of the National Bureau of Economic Research.  Their web site includes a list of my papers in the NBER working paper series.

I'm also a co-editor of the Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, an associate editor of the Journal of Public Economics, and a member of the editorial board of the Berkeley Journals in Economic Analysis and Policy.

My vita

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Teaching and Advising

During fall 2008, I'm teaching graduate public economics and an undergraduate "signature course" titled "Environmental Economics for Non-Economists."  For spring 2009, I'm scheduled to teach graduate natural resource economics and to supervise a graduate writing seminar in public and environmental economics.

In the past, I have also taught undergrad public economics and intermediate microeconomics (undergrad).

I am the faculty advisor for the Texas Economics Association.

In Fall 2007, I did a talk for UT's Odyssey Program on the economics of global climate change.  Click here for a copy of my PowerPoint slides from that talk.

I'm the dissertation supervisor or co-supervisor for four Ph.D. students who are on the job market this year: R. J. Briggs, Jason Debacker, Sanghyun Hwang, and Kadir Nagac.

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