Ph.D. 2004 University of Washington, Geography
M.A. 1998 University of Washington, Geography
M.A. 1994 Northeastern University, English
B.A. 1989 University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), English
Courses Taught
GRG 336 (Contemporary Cultural Geography)
GRG 398T (Supervised Teaching in Geography)
URB 301/GRG 307C (Introduction to Urban Studies)
GRG 356T/URB 354 (Urban Publics)
GRG 356T (Introduction to Globalization)
GRG 374 (Frontiers in Geography)
Research Interests
Cultural Geography, Urban Geography, Critical Theory, History of Geography, Pedagogy, Public Space
Selected Publications
"'Who's going to man the factories and be the sexual slaves if we all get Ph.D.'s?': Democratizing knowledge production, Pedagogy, and the Detroit Geographical Expedition and Institute." Antipode 39:1 (Feb 2007): 99-120. [Download PDF]
"Withered Geography." The Professional Geographer 58:1 (Feb. 2006): 104-5. [Download PDF]
"Inventing Geography: Writing as a Social Justice Pedagogy." Journal of Geography (special issue: Teaching Social Justice) 103:4 (July/August 2004): 139-152.  [Download PDF]
"Why Advocacy Isn't Enough: Realising the Radical Possibilities of the Classroom." International Research in Geographical and Environmental Education 10:2 (2001):  174-178. [Download PDF]
"Libraries as Armouries: Daniel Coit Gilman, Geography, and the Uses of a University." Environment and Planning D: Society and Space 19:3 (June 2001): 295-316. [Download PDF]
"Pedagogy and the 'Cultural Turn' in Geography." Guest Editorial, Environment and Planning D: Society and Space 19:1 (Feb. 2001): 1-6. [Download PDF]
"Research, Pedagogy, and Instrumental Geography." Antipode (Special Issue on The Corporatization of the University) 32:3 (July 2000): 292-307.  [Download PDF]
"Postindustrial Park or Bourgeois Playground?  Preservation and Urban Restructuring at Seattle's Gas Works Park."  The Nature of Cities: Ecocriticism and Urban Environments,  Arizona UP, 1999. [Download PDF]
"The Textuality of Public Space:  Policing Fantasy and Reality in Los Angeles." 1:1 (Summer 1995):  105-117. [Download PDF]
"Universalization and its Discontents: Morrison's Song of Solomon:  A (W)hol(e)y Black Text." African American Review 29:3 (Fall 1995):  381-392. [Download PDF]
Rich Heyman
Department of Geography and the Environment
University of Texas at Austin
1 University Station A3100
Austin, TX 78712 USA
Phone: 512-232-1592