I manage the vertebrate paleontology fossil conservation, histology, and osteology specimen preparation laboratories and teach a graduate level course in Paleontological Laboratory Methods at The University of Texas at Austin. In these state of the art labs we prepare and conserve fossils and recent skeletons for research, education, and exhibit. Staff, faculty, students, and volunteers from the College of Natural Sciences, Jackson School of Geosciences, and the College of Liberal Arts Department of Anthropology use these resources, in addition to visitors from other institutions and government agencies. 

You can learn more about the process of preparation and how we care for specimens, as well as explore the recently renovated and expanded fossil preparation facility, the new histology laboratory, and the osteological preparation laboratory

View photos of the prep lab renovation, as well as a virtual museum of fossil preparation history.

Follow along with new developments as they happen.

Matthew a. Brown

Laboratories manager, Chief preparator

Vertebrate Paleontology Laboratory


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Updated 6 Mar, 2013