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Outcomes for Two Classes of Welfare Clients: One-Time/Time Limits Study

Principal Investigator:
Laura Lein, Ph.D.

Duration: 4/1/98 - 8/31/02

Part of the Texas welfare reform legislation, called Achieving Change for Texans (ACT), HB 1863, was approved in 1995 and predated federal welfare reform. ACT operates in Texas under a federal waiver until 2002. One change instituted by ACT was to establish a diversion program in the form of a one-time lump-sum payment of $1000 to TANF applicants. One-time payment recipients thereby become ineligible for TANF for the following 12-month period. A second change was to include in-state time limits. Since June 1998, researchers at CSWR have been conducting a series of in-depth interviews with $1000 lump-sum payment recipients in two counties, Hidalgo and Cameron, which border Mexico. Two other research sites in the San Antonio and Waco/Temple areas were established during the spring of 1999, and interviews were conducted with individuals in these areas who have reached their time limits as specified by ACT. As of August 2000, 85 households have been enrolled in the study. During the following 12 months, researchers will maintain contact with enrolled households and complete a final report.

The full report of all components of this study was released by the Texas Department of Human Services in Spring 2003 and are available from the department.

Texas Department of Human Services