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EPSDT Marketing Campaign

Principal Investigator:
Laura Lein, Ph.D.

Duration: 95 - 96

Tate Austin, an Austin-based public relations firm, with funds received from the Texas Department of Health, contracted with the Center for Social Work Research to conduct market research to explore an effective approach for informing parents of children eligible for EPSDT (Early Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment) about the program. This research project involved the following components:

* interviews with clients regarding their preferences among four potential name and graphic designs;
* interviews with providers (doctors, dentists and their staffs) regarding their preferences among the same four potential name and graphic designs;
* interviews with clients regarding their reactions to developed campaign materials;
* a focus group with experts regarding their opinions of developed campaign materials; and
* a baseline estimate of new EPSDT clients.

Research staff interviewed clients in five sites in Texas. The five sites enabled researchers to talk with clients who lived in urban areas, small cities and rural areas. The interview strategy specifically targeted different ethnic groups. Client interviews were conducted in English, Spanish and Vietnamese as appropriate. Clients were also asked about their experiences using medical services, reasons for failing to keep missed appointments, and need for transportation.

The results of this project helped in the development of appropriate materials which are being used to advertise this children's medical program.

Tate Austin