I write and teach on affect, the ordinary, worlding, the senses, and modes of ethnographic engagement driven by curiosity and attachment. My work is an experiment that writes from the intensities in things. It asks what potential modes of knowing, relating or attending to things are already being lived in ordinary rhythms, labors, and the sensory materiality of forms of attunement to worlds.

My first book, A Space on the Side of the Road: Cultural Poetics in an "Other" America (Princeton University Press, 1996), portrays a dense and textured layering of sense and form laid down in social use. Ordinary Affects (Duke University Press, 2007) traces the force of encounters, desires, bodliy states, dream worlds, and modes of attention and distraction in the composition and suffering of a present.

My current project, Atmospheric Attunements, presents a collective sensing out lived in the mode of potentiality. A sensorium attuned to atmospherics grapples not only with things or power, but with the world--a worlding.