Jonathan Dancy’s Publications


Here they are.

This list does not include reviews, entries in encyclopedias and other such. These can be found in my cv.

Jonathan Dancy’s Publications


1.An Introduction to Contemporary Epistemology (Oxford: Blackwell, 1985), pp. 259; available in Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish and Croatian.

2.Berkeley: an Introduction (Oxford: Blackwell, 1987), pp. 165.

3.Moral Reasons (Oxford: Blackwell, 1993), pp. 274.

4.Practical Reality (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 2000), pp. 187; paperback edition published 2002.

5.Ethics Without Principles (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 2004), pp. 229; paperback edition 2006.

Edited Books

1.Papers on Language and Logic (University of Keele Library, 1981), pp. 226  (Papers of a conference held at the University of Keele in 1979).

2.(with J.M.E. Moravscik and C.C.W. Taylor) Human Agency: Language, Duty, and Value (Stanford: Stanford University Press, 1988), pp. 308.

3.(with E. Sosa) A Companion to Epistemology (Oxford: Blackwell, 1992), pp. 541; paperback edition 1993. Translated into Romanian, 2000.

4.Perceptual Knowledge (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1988), pp. 232, with an introduction (pp. 1-20). (Oxford Readings in Philosophy series)

5.Reading Parfit (Oxford: Blackwell, 1997), pp. 352.

6.Berkeley: Principles of Human Knowledge with introduction, notes, glossary and index (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1998), pp. 237.

7.Berkeley: Three Dialogues between Hylas and Philonous with introduction, notes, glossary and index, (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1998), pp. 186.

8.Normativity (Oxford: Blackwell, 2000), pp. 143, with an introduction (pp. i-viii).

Articles on Philosophical Logic

1.'Le Problème de Conditionels Contrefactuels', in Langages, Connaissance et Pratique, eds. N. Mouloud and J-M. Vienne, Universite de Lille, 1982, pp. 211-227.

  1. 2.'Even-ifs', Synthese  vol. 58 no. 2, February 1984, pp. 119-128.

  2. 3.‘Ryle and Strawson on Category Mistakes’, forthcoming in a collection on Gilbert Ryle, edited by D. Dolby.

Articles on the History of Philosophy

1.(with D. J. Bakhurst) 'The Dualist Straitjacket' in The Times Higher Educational Supplement 22 April 1988, p. 18; reprinted as 'Cartesianism: the dominant ideology' in Reflections on Higher Education vol. 1 no. 1, July 1988, pp. 52-56.

2.'"For Here the Author is Annihilated": reflections on philosophical aspects of the use of the dialogue form in Hume's Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion', in Proceedings of the British Academy vol. 85 (1995), pp. 29-60. Reprinted in T. Smiley ed. Philosophical Dialogues: Plato, Hume, Wittgenstein (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1995), pp. 29-60.

3.‘From Intuitionism to Emotivism’, in The Cambridge History of Philosophy 1870-1945, ed. T. Baldwin (CUP, 2003), pp. 693-703.

4.Berkeley’s Active Self’, in European Journal of Analytic Philosophy, vol. 1 no. 1, pp. 5-20.

Articles on Epistemology

1.'Intuitionism in Meta-epistemology', Philosophical Studies 42, 1982, pp. 395-408.

2.'On Coherence Theories of Justification:  Can an Empiricist be a Coherentist?', American Philosophical Quarterly  vol. 21 no. 4, October 1984, pp. 359-365.

3.'On the Tracks of the Sceptic', Analysis vol. 44 no. 3, June 1984, pp. 121-126.

4.'Externalism for Internalists', in E. Villanueva ed. Rationality in Epistemology, (Philosophical Issues vol. 2: Ridgeway, 1992), pp. 93-114.

5.'Arguments from Illusion', in Philosophical Quarterly vol. 45 no. 181, October 1995, pp. 421-438.

6.'Supervenience, Virtues and Consequences', Philosophical Studies vol. 78 no. 3, (June 1995), pp. 189-205; reprinted in G. Axtell ed. Knowledge, Belief and Character: Readings in Virtue Epistemology (Rowman & Littlefield, 2000).

  1. 7.‘Reasons, Relevance and Salience; a response to Hookway’, in Philosophical Studies 130:1 (2006), pp. 71-9.

  2. 8.‘Moral Perception’, in a symposium with Robert Audi, in Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, Supplementary Volume 2010, pp. 99-117.

Articles on the Philosophy of Action

1.'Why there is really no such thing as the theory of motivation', Presidential Address to the Aristotelian Society 1994, published in Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, vol. xcv, (1994-5), pp. 1-18. Reprinted in R. J. Wallace ed. Practical Reason (Ashgate).

2.A précis of Practical Reality and a ‘Reply to My Critics’ in a symposium on my Practical Reality, in Philosophy and Phenomenological Research vol. lxvii, no. 2 (2003), pp. 423-8 & 468-90.

3.‘Two Ways of Explaining Actions’, in J. Hyman and H. Steward eds. Agency and Action (CUP, 2005), pp. 25-42.

4.‘Acting in the Light of the Appearances’, in McDowell and his Critics, eds. C. and G. Macdonald (Blackwell, 2006), pp. 121-34.

5.‘How to act – disjunctively’, in Disjunctivism: Perception, Action, Knowledge, eds. F. Macpherson and A. Haddock (OUP, 2008), pp. 262-80.

6.‘Action in Moral Metaphysics’, in C. Sandis ed. New Essays on the Explanation of Action (Palgrave Macmillan, 2008), pp. 398-417.

  1. 7.‘Action, Intention and Content’, in Wittgenstein and Analytic Philosophy: Essays for P. M. S. Hacker, eds. H-J. Glock and J. Hyman (OUP), pp. 278-98

  2. 8.‘Reasons and Rationality’, in Spheres of Reason eds. J. Skorupski, S. Robertson and J. Timmerman (OUP, 2009), pp. 93-112.

  3. 9.‘Acting in Ignorance’, in Frontiers of Philosophy in China, vol. 6 no. 3, pp. 345-57; a revised version is to appear in C. Littlejohn and J. Turri eds. Epistemic Norms.

  4. 10. ‘Why be a Humean?’, a contribution to a symposium on Mark Schroeder’s Slaves of the Passions (OUP 2007), forthcoming in Philosophical Studies.

Articles on Moral Philosophy

1.'The Logical Conscience', Analysis vol. 37 no. 2, January 1977, pp. 81-84.

2.'On Moral Properties', Mind vol. xc, July 1981, pp. 367-385.

3.'Ethical Particularism and Morally Relevant Properties', Mind vol xcii, October 1983, pp. 530-547; reprinted in Croatian in Analiza 3, 2003; shortly to appear in French, translated by Anna Zielinska.

4.'The Role of Imaginary Cases in Ethics', Pacific Philosophical Quarterly vol. 66 nos. 1-2, January-April 1985, pp. 141-153.

5.'Two Conceptions of Moral Realism', Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society supplementary vol. 60, 1986, pp. 167-187; reprinted in J. Rachels ed. Moral Theory (OUP, 1997), pp. 227-244.

6.'Supererogation and Moral Realism', in J. Dancy, J.M.E. Moravscik and C.C.W. Taylor (eds.) Human Agency: Language, Duty, and Value (Stanford University Press, 1988), pp. 170-188.

7.'An Ethic of Prima Facie Duties', in P. Singer ed. A Companion to Ethics (Blackwell, 1991) pp. 219-29.

8.'Intuitionism', in P. Singer ed. A Companion to Ethics (Blackwell, 1991) pp. 411-20.

9.'Non-Consequentialist Reasons', Philosophical Papers vol. xx no. 2, (1991), pp. 97-112.

10.'Holism in the Theory of Reasons', in Cogito vol. 6 no. 3 (1992), pp. 136-8.

11.'Caring about Justice', in Philosophy, vol. 67 no. 262 (1992), pp. 447-66; reprinted in M. Gatens ed. Feminist Ethics (Ashgate).

12.'Agent-relativity - The Very Idea', in R. Frey and C. Morris eds., Value, Welfare and Morality (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1993), pp. 233-51.

13.'Ethical Thought and Ethical Principles', in The Ethical Record, the journal of the South Place Ethical Society, vol. 99, no. 10 (1994), pp. 11-14.

14.'In Defence of Thick Concepts', in Midwest Studies in Philosophy vol. xx: Moral Concepts (1996), pp. 263-79.

15.'Parfit and Indirectly Self-defeating Theories', in J. Dancy ed. Reading Parfit (Blackwell, 1997), pp. 1-23.

16.‘Wiggins and Ross’, in Utilitas vol. 10 no. 3, Nov 1998, pp. 281-5.

17.‘Defending Particularism’, in Metaphilosophy vol. 30, nos 1-2, Jan/April 1999, pp. 25-32.

18.‘Can the Particularist Learn the Difference between Right and Wrong?’, in The Proceedings of the Twentieth World Congress of Philosophy, vol. 1: Ethics ed. K. Brinkmann (Philosophy Documentation Center: Bowling Green State University, 1999), pp. 59-72.

19.'Motivation, Dispositions and Aims', Theoria 1999 vol. 65.2, pp. 144-55.

20.‘On the Logical and Moral Adequacy of Particularism’, Theoria 1999 vol. 65.3, pp. 212-224. This and the preceding article are responses to the papers in a 2-part issue of Theoria devoted to discussion of my work in ethics.

21.'Recognition and Reaction', in Well-Being and Morality: essays in honour of James Griffin, edited by B. W. Hooker and R. Crisp (OUP 2000), pp. 39-52

22.'The Particularist’s Progress’, in B. W. Hooker and M. Little eds. Moral Particularism (OUP 2000), pp. 130-56;  reprinted in T. Rønnow-Rasmussen and M. Zimmerman eds. Intrinsic Value (Kluwer/Springer), 2006.

23.‘Should we Pass the Buck?’, in A. O'Hear ed. The Good, the True and The Beautiful (CUP, 2000), pp. 159-73; reprinted in T. Rønnow-Rasmussen and M. Zimmerman eds. Intrinsic Value (Kluwer/Springer, 2006); also in B. Hooker, L. Kahn and P. Stratton-Lake eds. The Buck-Passing Account of Value: Value and Normativity (OUP, forthcoming).

24.'Scanlon's Principles', Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society supp. vol. 74 (2000), pp. 319-338.

25.'Mill's Puzzling Footnote', Utilitas vol. 12 no. 2 (July, 2000) pp. 219-222.

26.‘Prichard on Duty and Ignorance of Fact', in P. J. Stratton-Lake ed. Re-evaluating Ethical Intuitionism (OUP, 2002), pp. 229-47.

27.‘La justesse et ce qui rend-juste’, La Structure du Monde : Objets, Propriétés, Etats de Choses. Renouveau de la Métaphysique dans l'école  Australienne de Philosophie, ed. J-M. Monnoyer, n° Hors série de Recherches sur la Philosophie et le Langage, (Paris: Librairie philosophique J. Vrin), 2002, pp. 443-58.

28.‘What do Reasons Do?’, Southern Journal of Philosophy vol. xli supplement (June 2003), pp. 95-113;  reprinted in T. Horgan and M. Timmons eds. Metaethics after Moore (OUP, 2006).

29.‘Are there Organic Unities?’, Ethics vol. 113 no. 3 (2003), pp. 629-50.

30.‘Contro le ragioni basate su desideri’ (‘Against Desire-based Reasons’) in Ragion Pratica 20, (June 2003), pp. 189-209.

31.'Enticing Reasons', in Reason and Value: Themes from the Moral Philosophy of Joseph Raz, ed. R. Jay Wallace, Philip Pettit, Samuel Scheffler, and Michael Smith (OUP 2004), pp. 91-118; reprinted in C. Nimtz and A. Beckermann eds. Philosophy – Science – Scientific Philosophy. Main Lectures and Colloquia of GAP.5, Fifth International Congress of the Society for Analytical Philosophy, (Paderborn: MENTIS, 2005) pp. 10-32.

32.‘Understanding Tolerance’, in Mulla Sadra, Logic & Ethics vol. 8 (Tehran: Sadra Islamic Philosophy Research Institute Publication, 2004), pp. 283-302.

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35.‘Essentially Comparative Concepts’, in the on-line Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy, June 2005, 16 pp.

36.’Cos’è il particolarismo in etica?’ (‘What is Particularism in Ethics?’), Ragion Pratica vol. 26, July 2006, pp. 113-131.

37. ‘Was Moore right about Punishment?’, in Themes from G. E. Moore: New Essays in Epistemology and Ethics, eds. S Nuccetelli and G. Seay, pp. 325-42.

38.‘Defending the Right’, in the Journal of Moral Philosophy vol. 4 no. 1 (April 2007), pp. 85-98.

39.‘Necessity, Universality and the A Priori in Ethics’, in Reason, Morality and Beauty: Essays on the Philosophy of Immanuel Kant ed. Bindu Puri et al. (Oxford University Press, India; 2007), pp. 40-54.

40.‘Are Basic Moral Facts both Contingent and A Priori?’, in M. Lance, M. Potrc and V. Strahovnik eds. Challenging Moral Particularism (Routledge, 2008), pp. 55-61.

41.‘An Unprincipled Morality’, in R. Shafer-Landau ed.  Ethical Theory: an Anthology (Blackwell, 2007), pp. 771-4.

  1. 42. ‘When Reasons Don’t Rhyme’, the TPM Essay in The Philosopher’s Magazine 37 (2007), pp. 19-24.

  2. 43.‘Logology, or the New Theory of Reasons’, Ex Nihilo 2007.

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  5. 46.‘Practical Concepts’, forthcoming in S. Kirchin ed. Thick Concepts (OUP).

  6. 47.‘One thought too many about Bernard Williams?’, forthcoming in Theoretical and Applied Ethics.

Obiter Scriptum

'New Truths in Proust?', Modern Language Review, January 1995, pp. 18-28.

Critical Notices etc.

1.'Contemplating One's Nagel': a critical notice of T. Nagel The View From Nowhere (Oxford: Oxford University Press 1986), in Philosophical Books vol. xxix, no. 1, January 1988, pp. 1-15.

2.'Getting off the Moral Hook': a critical notice of Shelly Kagan The Limits of Morality (Oxford: Oxford University Press 1989); Philosophical Books vol xxxi, no. 4, October 1990, pp. 193-200.

3.'Can We Trust Annette Baier?': a critical notice of Annette Baier On Moral Prejudices (Harvard University Press, 1993), in Philosophical Books 1995, pp. 237-42.

4.'Real values in a Humean context': a critical notice of Michael Smith The Moral Problem (Blackwell, 1994), Ratio vol. ix no. 2, Sept 1996, pp. 171-83.

5.‘Aspects of Reason 1’: a critical notice of H. P. Grice Aspects of Reason (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 2001), Philosophical Quarterly vol. 53 no. 211 (2003), pp. 274-9 (with a companion notice by Gilbert Harman).

6.‘On the Importance of Making Things Right’: a critical notice of From Metaphysics to Ethics: a Defence of Conceptual Analysis, by Frank Jackson (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1998), Ratio (new series) xvii June 2004, pp. 229-37.

7.‘Knowing what one is Doing’, a contribution to a symposium on D. Velleman The Possibility of Practical Reason, Philosophical Studies vol. 121 no. 3 (2004), pp. 239-47.

8.‘How to be a Moral Rationalist’, a contribution to a symposium on C. Peacocke The Realm of Reason (Oxford: Clarendon Press 2004), in Philosophical Books vol. 47 no. 2 (2006), pp. 103-10.