Making Race, Making Health: Historical Approaches to Race, Medicine and Public Health
Questions about the shared quality of life and the distribution of health care are part of our shared historical experience. Across the Americas, medicine is an important economic sector, and access to health care is also a key dimension of both citizenship and exclusion. Medical historians have explored the ways public health and medicine have shaped the ideologies and institutions that shape racial inequality, the experience of slavery and freedom, as well as the minimum conditions for citizenship and personal dignity.  Historians and scholars in African American Studies, Latino Studies and Gender Studies have explored the ways men and women in communities of color have shaped and challenged the institutions of public health and medicine.
Given the growth of shared thematic interests across these various disciplinary fields and geographic areas, this is one of the few conferences where scholars interested in the intersection of race and the social history of medicine can interact with scholars with similar research interests who work on places outside the United States. Making Race, Making Health will help establish a face-to-face moment in the establishment of cross-hemispheric research network in the history of medicine.
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Making Race, Making Health: Historical Approaches to Race, Medicine and Public Health
November 13th-15th, 2008
Thompson Conference Center
University of Texas at Austin
Austin, Texas
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