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Welcome to my Website!

In Caral (Peru), the oldest city in the AmericasI am a graduate student at The University of Texas at Austin. Here I work on the observational aspects of stellar atmospheres, fundamental parameters, and chemical compositions. These studies are relevant to many fields of astrophysics: they may help to better understand the still obscure mechanisms of galaxy formation and chemical evolution, the nature of the nucleosynthesis sites, and test predictions of the Big Bang theory.

I was born in Lima, Peru and obtained a BS in Physics from Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos in 2002. I moved to Austin for graduate studies in August 2003 and obtained my Master's degree in 2005. I am currently a PhD candidate.

McDonald ObservatoryContact Information

Iván Ramírez
E-mail: ivan@astro.as.utexas.edu
Phone: (1) (512) 471 0445
Office: RLM 16.216, U. of Texas at Austin
Mailing address:
   The University of Texas
   Department of Astronomy
   1 University Station, C1400
   Austin, Texas 78712-0259



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