Master's Degrees Granted (2000s)


Department of Geography, The University of Texas at Austin

Names, titles, and dates (months) are taken from the title page of the thesis or report. Students are included with degrees in interdisciplinary or other subjects, when supervised by regular geography faculty; however this aspect of the list is not complete. Theses are on file and available through interlibrary loan from the Perry-Castaneda Library, University of Texas at Austin. Reports are available only in those cases where students voluntarily supplied them to the library.


None Gordon, Jessica D.

An Analysis of Forest Change: A Case Study of the Chocó-Andean Conservation Corridor in the Upper Guayllabamba Watershed, Ecuador. MA thesis (Young, May)

None McCown, Andrew

Genetically Modified Soy Production and Small Farmer Resistance in San Pedro, Paraguay: Finding Space for Dialogue in an Overly-Politicized Agricultural Landscape. MA thesis (Knapp, May)

Currently in Agency for International Development


None Barnett, Thomas

Black land ownership in post-bellum Texas: settlement locations and rural livelihoods. MA thesis (Doolittle, May)

None De la Rosa Tincopa, Carolina

Environmental governance and implications of small-scale logging: the case of the indigenous groups in the Ampiyacu Basin in the northeastern Peruvian Amazon. MA thesis (Young, August)

None Haeckel, Ingrid

Ceremonial bromeliads of the arco floral: ethnobotany, ecology, and harvest impacts of Tillandsia imperialis (Bromeliaceae) in Veracruz, Mexico. MA thesis (Doolittle, May)

Currently in PhD program, University of Texas

None Hurwitz, Zachary

Sustaining power: clean development, governance, and the politics of hydroelectricity in Brazil. MA thesis (Doolittle, May)

None Riely, Andrew

Grass-fed cattle ranching in Texas: characteristics and motivations of ranchers. MA thesis (Knapp, May)

Currently at Cathedral School, Washington DC


None Garland, Beverly Lyn

Prowling the Nature-Culture Borderlands: A Geography of the Feral Cat. MA thesis (Adams, December)

None Ogren, Jonathan A

Conservation Planning in Central Texas. MA thesis (Doughty / Young, May)

None Wallace, Margaret Gene

Urban dung beetles: a natural history of dung-feeding scarabs along an urban gradient in Travis County, Texas. MA thesis (Richardson, May)

None Williams, Katherine

Pimping Paradise: An Analysis of the Construction and Contestation of the Place-Based Identity of Key West, Florida. MA thesis (Zonn, May)


Avneri Shiri Avneri

1,400 Years of Biomass Burning, Climate Variability, and Environmental Change on Ometope Island, Lake Nicaragua. MA thesis (Dull, May)

Admitted to PhD program, Princeton University

Bennet Drew Edward Bennett

Indigenous Land-Use Systems: Evidence from the Pueblo Kichwa de Rukullakta. MA thesis (Sierra, May)

Fellow, Colorado Conservation Trust

belen Maria Belén Noroña Salcedo

Seizing the Lake: Tourism, Identity, and Power of the Indigenous People of Quilotoa. MA thesis (LAS, Knapp, May)

Adjunct Professor, Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Ecuador.

none Kendall S. Zanowiak

Immigrant Claims to Space and the State's Attempt to Control It: The Case of Latin Americans in the United States. MA thesis (LAS, Skop, May)

mason Mason R. McWatters

(De) Constructing Paradise: Assessing Residents' Place Experiences During an Era of Residential Tourism Development in Boquete, Panamá. MA thesis (LAS, Adams).  Winner, Outstanding Thesis/Report Award, Graduate School, 2006-2007.

Employed in an international business.


Wilcox Sharon Wilcox

Reconstructing identity representational strategies in the Garifuna community of Dangriga, Belize.  MA thesis (Zonn, May)

Admitted to PhD program, University of Texas

Meiburg Jonathan Meiburg

The biogeography of Striated Caracaras Phalcoboenus australis. MA thesis (Doughty, May)

Lee Jessica Lynn Lee

Late Quaternary Environmental Change in the Huasteca Cultural Region of the Mexican Gulf Coast. MA thesis (Dull, May).

Robin Gary Robin H. Gary (Havens)

Anthropogenic Activities and Karst Landscapes: a Case Study of the Deep, Thermal, Sulfuric Karst System in Tamaulipas, Mexico. MA thesis, (Crews, December).

Baletti photo Brenda C. Baletti

The social production of urban forests: urbanization, development, and conservation in the eastern Brazilian Amazon. MA thesis (Doolittle, December).

Admitted to PhD program, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.  Photo from Chapel Hill website.

None Kacy McKinney

Contesting the transgenic landscape networks, narratives and policy action in agrarian struggles in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil 1998-2003. MA thesis (LAS, Davis),

Admitted to PhD program, University of Washington.

None Julio Postigo

Change and continuity in a peasant community of Peruvian shepherds the case of Pilpichaca, Huancavelica. MA thesis (LAS)

Admitted to PhD program, University of Texas.


Amy Norman Amy Lynn Norman

Isolating seasonal variation in landuse/landcover change using multi-temporal classification of landsat ETM data in the Peruvian Amazon, MA thesis (Crews, August).

Admitted to PhD program, University of North Carolina

Joanna Wolaver Joanna Wolaver

Pressure on the park a case study of Aransas National Wildlife Refuge, Texas, and whooping crane habitat management. MA thesis (Crews, August).

Hope Fitzgerald Hope Hackman Fitzgerald

Private sector participation in water provision, MA thesis (MES, Manners, August).

Stergides Orlandos G. Stergides

The "Minoan" Eruption of Santorini and the Collapse of the Minoan Civilization, MA thesis (Doolittle, May).

Amy Norman Jillian Suzanne Aldrin

Downstream spatial variability of recent flood deposits, Lower Guadalupe River, Texas, MA thesis (Hudson, May).

Heather Allard

The Yellowstone bison herd contentious management of an American icon, MA thesis (Davis, December).

Living in Austin, Texas

Amy Weesner

Indigenous territoriality in Ecuador's Amazon a study of Achuar organizational discourse and the legalization of ancestral territories, MA thesis (LAS, Knapp, December).

PATIT Programme Manager, UN Institute for Training and Research, New York City

None Eric Russman

Long-term impacts of payment for environmental services : a forest conservation assessment in the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica. MA thesis (LAS)


Jean Wintemute Parcher.

Remote Sensing Methods for Estimating Impervious Cover for Hydrologic Modeling Applications: A Case Study of the Brownsville/Matamoros Urban Area, MA thesis (Crews, December).

None Manuel Peralvo.

Identification of biodiversity conservation priorities using predictive modeling: An application for the tropical dry forests of western Ecuador and northern Peru, MA thesis (Sierra, August).


Haiyan Yang.

The Influence of the National Flood Insurance Program on Texas Coastal Development, MA thesis (Crews, August).

Matthew Joseph Fry.

Choices, Collectives, and Framing: An Analysis of the Role of Land Tenure on the Decision Making of the Bolivian Ava Guaranis. MA thesis (LAS, Knapp, May).

Admitted to the PhD program in geography, University of Texas at Austin

Mary Harding Polk.

An Assessment of Conservation Approaches for the Natural Protected Areas in Arid Southern Peru. MA thesis (LAS, Young, May). Photograph by Oscar Maldonado, May, 2003.

Researcher, LBJ Wildflower Center, Austin Texas

Oscar I. Maldonado

Biodiversity Conservation in Long-Inhabited Landscapes: Challenges and Opportunities for the Lake Atitlan Region, Guatemala. MA report (Knapp, May). Photo by Daniel Hernandez-Salazar, 2003.

Senior Conservation Scientist, Nature Conservancy, Guatemala

Elaine A. Bradbee

Cultural Patterning in French Polynesia, MA thesis (Jordan, May).

Office Manager and Litigation Assistant, Hanna & Plaut LLP, Attorneys at Law, Austin

Damion Brook Kintz

Land use and land cover change between 1987 and 2001 in the buffer zone of a national park in the tropical Andes. MA thesis (Young, May).

US Geological Survey, Austin Texas


Alexandra Giselle Ponette.

Living on the Margin: An Economic Analysis of Traditional Shade Coffee
Cultivation by the Huastec Maya of Northeastern Mexico. MA thesis (Doolittle, May).

Admitted to the PhD program, Yale University.

Franklin T. Heitmuller

Morphological and Sedimentological Variability of Natural Levee Deposits in the Lower Panuco Basin, Mexico. MA thesis (Hudson, May).

Pursuing the PhD in geography, UT-Austin.

Ryan Edward Fennell

Bipolar city : the reinvention of downtown living in Los Angeles. MA thesis (Davies, May).

Historic Preservation Planner, Texas Department of Transportation

Laura Nicole Pierce

The Case of the Comuneros and the Cement Baron: A Critique of Sustainable Development and Conservation in Coastal Ecuador MA thesis (LAS, Knapp, May).

Research Assistant, Texas Capital Fund, Texas Department of Agriculture Rural Economic Division

Amber Leigh Clark

From the banks of Green Bay : defining the Ho-Chunk homeland, 1634-2001. MA thesis.  (Jordan, December)


Gina Slinger

The Feasibility of Apicultural (Meliponidae) Extention Programs: A Study of the "Kaan-Lool" Cooperative in Yucatan Peninsula. MA thesis (Doolittle. August).

 CEO, Trinidad and Tobago Insurance Consultants, Ltd.

David Bezanson.

Natural Vegetation Types of Texas and Their Representation in Conservation Areas. MA thesis. (Manners, December).

Texas General Land Office, Austin

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