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James Truchard

Dr. James Truchard
Co-founder, President and Chairman of the Board,
National Instruments Corporation

Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, UT Austin

Austin-based National Instruments has recorded an impressive streak of 22 consecutive years of double-digit growth. Presently, the company boasts more than 2,110 employees, $330 million in annual sales, and offices all around the world. National Instruments manufactures hundreds of software and hardware products that leverage industry-standard computers and Internet technology for measurement and automation applications.

This Texas high-tech success story began in 1976, in the garage of James Truchard. At the time, Truchard was a research engineer just two short years out of the Ph.D. program at UT Austin. Truchard cites his graduate courses at the university as vital to the work that his company performs. Now UT Austin and National Instruments have a symbiotic relationship:

"The UT Graduate School continues to help me by supplying a large number of our employees. This helps National Instruments grow, and, in turn, grow the local and state economy. My graduate education has been repaid with billions of dollars in taxes, salaries, and opportunities for other Texans."

Truchard's graduate education at UT Austin has provided him the technical background and workforce necessary to stake a claim in Texas. UT's Graduate School also provided Truchard with some of the motivation. It was in graduate school that Truchard fell in love with the Texas Hill Country: "I liked Texas, and Austin, in particular, is a wonderful place to live. I didn't see a job I wanted here, but I wanted to stay in Austin - so I created one!"


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