Audrey Hucks Sawyer
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Audrey Sawyer, Ph.D.

Post doctoral researcher

Geological Sciences

University of Delaware

101 Penny Hall

Newark, DE 19716



I am dedicated to understanding how the flow of water mediates geologic and ecologic processes near the earth's surface. My research focuses on the exchange of surface water and groundwater (for example, the flow of water between rivers or bays and aquifers).  Surface water-groundwater exchange impacts ecosystem health by influencing the movement of nutrients, contaminants, and heat in watersheds.

Research Interests

  • River-groundwater exchange

  • River restoration

  • Submarine groundwater discharge

  • Coupled processes involving fluid and heat flow, solute transport, and rock deformation

  • Scaled laboratory and numerical models for hydrologic processes

  • Interactions between fluid flow, geologic, and ecologic processes